Kölner Sealer P - 100ml

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Kölner Sealer P - 100ml
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Kölner Sealer P forms the base of the Kölner KGGG system for creating high-gloss water gilded finishes. Sealer P is ready to use straight out of the bottle. It can seal a range of porous surfaces, such as wood and plaster.

Apply Sealer P using a soft brush or sprayer. The number of layers needed will increase based on how porous the surface is. The ideal application of Kölner Sealer P results in a satin surface. If the surface is glossy this may result in the Kölner Fond being unable to stick to the Sealer or cracking in the surface of the Fond.

Allow Kölner Sealer P to dry completely before applying Kölner Fond, this should take around an hour depending on temperature and humidity.

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