Metal Leaf Flake - Shredded Metal Leaf

Finely shredded metal leaf for creating intense decorative effects

Metal leaf flake are metal leaves that have been mechanically shredded into a multitude of fine flakes, almost like confetti.

They can be used in a number of ways, perhaps lightly sprinkled onto a tacky surface to add splashes of colour or used to create a 'cracked leaf' finish by applying them to a sized surface before gently rubbing them flat to the surface.

As flaked leaf is made from imitation gold leaf, imitation silver leaf and various variegated leaves it is prone to tarnishing and will need protecting with a clear lacquer or varnish to preserve it's finish. For interior gilding, we recommend Kölner Leaf Protect to seal the leaf to prevent tarnishing, followed by another coat of more hardwearing varnish or lacquer if more protection is needed.