Coloured Silver Leaf (Light Resistant)

The process of creating pure coloured silver leaf involves taking genuine silver leaf and then dying and coating it with a plastic resin on both sides to create a vibrant leaf with the brightness of silver in a myriad of gorgeous, jewel-like colours.

Apart from the choice of colours this range differs slightly from the standard coloured silver leaf in that the surface of the leaf is treated with an acrylic type of dye, resulting in a more light resistant finish. This type of leaf has a good lustre and the colours are brighter compared to the Standard coloured silver leaf. It is more resilient against rubbing, and solvents and thinners, however, it is more brittle than the Standard coloured silver leaf.

Coloured silver leaf is most often used in artistic applications; it can be used in paintings or other artworks, for wall covers and for glass gilding.

The leaf is 109mm x 109mm and is supplied in packs either of 10 loose leaves or 100 loose leaves with each individual leaf separated by a sheet of tissue paper.