Coloured Silver Leaf (Loose)

Vibrant and gleaming metallic colours made by dyeing silver leaf

Standard - These colours are made by treating pure silver leaf with a spirit-based dye. The leaf is supple but the colouring is not as light-fast as the light-resistant range. This is often used for effect in artistic applications, conveying the natural fading and impermanence of material things.

Light Resistant - By using an acrylic dye in the plastic resin coating of the silver leaf these leaves are made to be more light-fast than the standard colours while still exhibiting the metallic silver lustre and bright colours. It is somewhat more resilient to rubbing, solvents and thinners than the standard colours but is more brittle.

Pastel - These leaves have the same acrylic dye coating as the light resistant leaves but come in a range of subtle pastel colours.

Marbled - Manufactured using the same process as the Standard colours but made to include a natural-looking marbled texture like the stone.

Oxidised -By chemically treating and patinating silver leaf to oxidise it these interesting shades are full of depth and subtle variations of colour. The leaf will continue to oxidise if left unsealed and will need to be sealed to preserve the desired finish.