Series 1 Variegated Leaf - Loose

Variegated leaf is a metal leaf that has been heat-treated, chemically-treated or both to develop dazzling patinas and unique discolorations. This metal leaf is manufactured in Italy to the highest standards.

Due to the various treatments the metal leaf has undergone to develop their patterns and colours each face of the leaf may have a different appearance. The images below are representative of the side of the leaf the manufacturer classifies as the front. Any colouration or patterning on the reverse side is simply a by-product of the processes to colourise the leaf and the manufacturer does not guarantee any consistency to this and does not recommend using this side.

Please Note: due to the chemical nature of the processes there may be variations in patterns and colouration between manufactured batches and leaves may not match exactly to the images below.

Please Note: Variegated leaf will tarnish over time and may need protecting with a varnish. However, some varnishes may alter the appearance of the colours of the leaf. We advise doing a test area first of all before carrying out any project.