Variegated Metal Leaf Booklets

Variegated leaf is a metal leaf that has been specially treated in order to develop all-new colouration not present in the original metal. It comes in a wide variety of shades and patterns and can be used in most projects where you would use other metal leaves.

Loose Variegated Metal Leaf sits loosely between thin rouged paper sheets in the booklet. It has to be handled using a gilders tip (brush) and is used to gild onto moulded,carved and embellished areas. Also used for watergilding and glass gilding.

Transfer variegated leaf is the same metal leaf but pressed onto a backing sheet of acid free tissue paper. It is generally used for gilding onto flatter surfaces, such as walls or ceilings.

Please Note: Variegated leaf will tarnish over time and may need protecting with a varnish. However, some varnishes may alter the appearance of the colours of the leaf. We advise doing a test area first of all before carrying out any project.