Genuine Gold Leaf, Powder and Shell Gold

Gold Leaf

Pure gold is the oldest form of beaten metal with the technique dating back to the ancient Egyptians. The craft of the gold beater involves converting precious metals, such as gold and silver, into extremely thin leaves used to adorn a variety of surfaces. Manually, it was a slow and arduous task requiring total control of the hammer and great precision of the eye. Today, modern beating is mostly done by machine which guarantees quality and product consistency. All the other phases of the production process are done by hand by skilled and experienced workers.

We supply gold leaf in a very extensive range of shades from 6ct white gold to 24ct pure gold leaf. The different shade effects are created by the addition of alloys in the production process. The most common alloy components are copper and silver.

Gold leaf is sold in booklets in varying sizes. The most common size is 80 x 80mm but we also offer other sizes in some carats. Most colours are available as 5 leaf or 25 leaf booklets. Gold and silver is also sold in rolls of different widths. The rolls are 20 metres in length

Additionally, gold is supplied in fine powder format or as pellets of pigment consisting of gold powder bound in gum arabic.