Variegated Metal Leaf Sample Booklets

Variegated leaf is a metal leaf that has been heat-treated, chemically-treated or both to develop dazzling patinas and unique discolorations.

Due to the inconsistency in colour display in monitors the following images are representative only. If you are looking to specify for a project, or simply find the right leaf for your artwork then we recommend purchasing one of the sample booklets below. Please be aware that there may be slight difference between sample leaf and other leaves bought later due to randomness in the manufacturing process.

Each sample booklet contains a single sheet from each colour in the specified Series. This leaf is a transfer format, but has been pressed so that the front of the leaf is visible, so that when you open the book you are seeing the side of the leaf that will be visible when the leaf is laid. This is in contrast to transfer leaf where you see the reverse side of the leaf when you open the booklet.