Imitation Leaf - Transfer

Imitation gold leaf (also known as schlag metal, dutch metal or composition leaf) is a metal leaf made from a brass alloy that has been hammered into very fine sheets for use in gilding. The leaves are not near as thin as genuine gold leaves. Imitation gold leaf is a cost-effective alternative to genuine gold leaf, offering a metallic surface which is shinier than a gold leaf surface generally. It doesn't have such a soft or subtle surface as genuine gold leaf but is often used as a substitute where budget dictates.

This product is supplied as transfer (or patent) leaf in booklets of 25 leaves, each leaf in the book has been pressed firmly to specially treated tissue paper that is then separated by sheets of rouge paper. The leaf will stay adhered to it's backing paper when removed from the book making it suitable for gilding onto flat surfaces or any other situation where loose leaf would be unmanageable or at risk of blowing away. To apply the leaf it is pressed face down onto the sized surface before rubbing over the back of the tissue to release the leaf onto the surface and then peeling away the backing paper to leave the leaf on the surface. Transfer leaf is best suited for gilding walls and ceilings and flat areas of frames and furniture.

Imitation gold leaf will tarnish over time and requires sealing to protect it, especially if the leaf is to be used in a high traffic area or if the gilding is to be touched or handled regularly. We supply a number of lacquers and varnish that are suited for protecting metal leaf; in particular, we recommend Kölner Leaf Protect to protect the leaf from tarnishing, followed by a more hard wearing topcoat.

Booklets are available in two different sizes - 140 x 140mm (approximately 0.49m2 coverage per booklet) and 95 x 95mm (approx. 0.22m2 coverage per booklet). 

Each booklet contains 25 leaves