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Mappa Mundi by Ewan David Eason

Mappa Mundi by Ewan David Eason

Inspired by ‘mappa mundi’, the circular ‘charts of the world’ created by medieval scholars, these modern maps render urban centres of the world in vivid, intricate golden detail. The homes, offices, parks and other spaces people occupy are created in our pure 24ct gold leaf. There’s no categorization, no separation between rich or poor, residential or industrial – instead every space is rendered to an egalitarian ideal with the gold representing the inherent nobility and sacredness of Man.


Traceries of negative space spider-web their way across the golden disk, these lines of black or white define the roadways, pathways and rivers that shoot through our cities like veins. Viewed from above, without benefit of labels or colour these charts almost seem like abstract fractal or geometric patterns, at least until your eye comes across a familiar landmark and it all comes into focus. Ewan David Eason is the artist behind Mappa Mundi, the idea that would eventually become culminating from both mappa mundi and the poverty maps of Charles Booth along with his own artistic interest in exploring the concept of contrasts. Ewan’s work has been well received and has been exhibited in shows and galleries worldwide. You can read more about Ewan’s Mappa Mundi and purchase a piece for yourself at mappamundi.cc

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