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Sarah Scotchman’s ‘All That Glitters’, A Variable Edition of 25 Artworks, Hand-gilded with 24ct Gold Leaf

One of our fabulous clients Sarah has been very busy lately working with our coloured silver leaf to create some stunning pieces in her metal leaf collection which exhibited at the Turner Barnes Gallery during the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea Park. “All That Glitters”, Sarah’s beautiful show, uses 24ct gold leaf and coloured silver leaf to create stunning pieces that capture the sensuality and elegance of the female form. She uses moulding and casting techniques resulting in her work having high levels of detail and realism and a wide range of materials such as metal leaf, pigments and resin to achieve such beautiful results.

Dying and coating the silver leaf with a plastic resin results in vibrant bright jewel-like colours widely used throughout Sarah’s work.

Sarah’s husband, Chris recently created his Batmobile via VanSadler Creative and rumour has it that he loaned it to Batman to come and view Sarah’s work. He even parked right outside!

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