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Hereford Cathedral

Phil Shields, specialist decorator and gilder recently completed the gilding work on these incredible chandeliers made by Great British Lighting for Hereford Cathedral. We supplied all the 23.5ct gold leaf used to gild the surface of the chandeliers to create a lustrous finish. The polished, golden sheen is a perfect compliment for the beautiful interior of Hereford Cathedral. It is hard to gauge the scale of the chandeliers, each one was 5.4m high x 2.8m wide! Phil said that working up close they seem enormous. Phil is a talented gilder and decorating finisher and all his work is gained by word of mouth – always the best way! He is always busy so that’s a good advertisement for his talents. We have worked with Phil for a number of years on various projects and nothing ever seems to faze him.

Great British Lighting are a global lighting manufacturer with over 100 years experience in making lighting to order. They work with architects and designers to create lighting designs, both traditional and contemporary which are installed worldwide. You can contact Phil at [email protected]

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