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Alexandra Spyratos

In an effort to better capture the essence of their subjects, contemporary artists are turning to mixed-media, incorporating non-traditional elements into their paintings . One such artist and valued customer of ours is Alexandra Spyratos.

Tusker Blue Sky
Sage Wild
Alexandra Spyratos

Alexandra, whose art has been featured in shows and galleries across the whole world, was born and is based in Kenya.  Her paintings are colourful depictions  of the majestic splendour of the wilderness of her birthplace. On her canvas copper and variegated gold leaf becomes the shimmering heat-haze of the landscape, a bright space for her playful and vibrant acrylic paintings of elegant zebras, regal cheetahs and bold elephants. Alexandra is also at the forefront of experimenting with the variegated metal leaf and coloured silver leaf, using it to create bold accents and and bring texture and life to her paintings.

Coloured World
Cheetah Sprint
Naomi Cambell and Alexandra Spyratos

If you’d like to see Alexandra’s art in person then her upcoming shows include:

  • Affordable International Art Show, Hong Kong , May 2015
  • Kasser Rassu Gallery, Marbella, Spain: July 2015
  • “Space For Giants” , London (venue and dates to be announced)
  • Art In The Yard, Franschhoek, South Africa 2016

Alexandra was recently chosen by Luciano Bennetton as one of 140 artists representing Kenya in a roaming show recently viewed at Museo Bilotti di Villa Borghesa, Rome. Alexandra was also recently featured in an episode of ‘Color In Your Life’, an Australian TV show showcasing contemporary artists at work in their studios. If you’d like to watch the episode featuring Alexandra you can find it on CIYL’s website here.

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