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Product Showcase – Wildfire Visible Luminescent Paint

Ultraviolet lighting, also called blacklight has been used to create vivid, vibrant visual effects in a range of venues for years but recent advances mean it’s never been easier to use this unusual, eye-catching effect in your own projects than it is now. Blacklight paint effects have long been a staple of amusement parks and large entertainment venues largely due to the size of the UV lamps but with newer, more compact and energy-efficient models they can be effectively incorporated into interior designs with an integrated lighting design set-up. Rooms can be brightened by adding murals that, under normal light, appear bright and colourful but under a UV lamp glow with a dazzling, neon finish. Large interior spaces, like clubs and other dark venues can be decorated with ‘in your face’ fluorescent imagery for a modern, or even retro neon look or they can be enhanced with subtle, soothing designs to give a moody, atmospheric feel.


Wildfire Visible Fluorescent paints are an example of this new breed of fluorescent colours – under ordinary conditions they give bright, distinct colours and thanks to their acrylic formulation they are easy to apply and to clean up. However, under blacklight the paints come to life, glowing brilliantly and dramatically with no change in their colour. Wildfire Visible Fluorescent paint also has the distinction of being the only fluorescent paint range with a true “white” under both visible and UV light. The Wildfire Visible Fluorescent Paint range is fully intermixable, not only with itself but with other fluorescent and non-fluorescent colours, allowing you to create just the right colour for your projects – from vivid colours to earth and flesh tones.


If you’re interested in incorporating some of these modern, unusual paints into your next project then click here to view our range of fluorescent paints.

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