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Brightening Up An Old Cabinet

Just a quick update here, following on from our ‘How to Create A Bronze Effect Finish’ blogpost a few months back we’ve decided to show you just how quick and easy it is to create something that looks good using just metallic paint, a glaze and a couple of hours!

This cabinet was originally a tatty green thing but with just two coats of Liquid Metal Acrylics Blackened Bronze paint the fraying wooden wickerwork has been transformed into a glowing bronze objet d’art!

The feet of the cabinet were painted with Modern Masters Reactive Bronze Metallic Paint and then aged with the Blue Patina ageing solution, the contrast between the vivid blue oxidation and aged bronze of the rest of the cabinet makes the otherwise dowdy feet something a point of interest.

Once the paint was dry we found that the cabinet was a little shiny for something that was supposed to look old and antique. No worries though, General Finishes Glaze Effects in the Van Dyke Brown comes to the rescue! We simply brushed it over the painted surface to bring down the shine, letting it pool in the crevices of the weaving to give the appearance of that patina of age and dirt building up.

All-in-all we probably spent about two hours, not including the drying time, in painting this cabinet and I think we can all agree that for the time we put in we got a fantastic result. Now just imagine what you could do with these products!

We chose to go for an appearance of light, all-around corrosion as w only had a little time for this project. An experienced decorative painter could achieve much more realistic results with the same products.

The only item in this picture that is actually metal to start off with is the small vase on the left, everything else including the frame, larger vase and cabinet is a metallic paint effect!

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