New Product Range Available – Caselo Classic Casein Paint!

If you’re a gilder who has used Plaka in the past then you probably know the frustration of Pelikan discontinuing their larger sizes of Plaka Paint in certain colours. While all the colours of Plaka will continue to be available in their current smaller sizes we now have an alternative for those who need larger, cost effective quantities for their projects. Caselo paint boasts many of the same properties that make Plaka superb as a base coat for gilding. It dries quickly to a smooth, velvety matt surface that makes for a superb surface for further gilding. Many of our gilding customers recommend it as a good alternative to Plaka.

Caselo comes in 500ml tubs and is available in a variety of colours including  black, white, yellow ochre, a variety of red hues and shades of blue and green.

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