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Modern Paints Need Modern Brushes – Now Available In Our Store : The Fox Painting & Decorating Brushes!

Due to regulations concerning VOCS manufacturers have been switching their paint bases from traditional oil- and solvent-bases to water- and acrylic- bases. What this means for painters and decorators is that older style brushes with natural filaments are less and less useful as they tend to soak up water into the hair, losing their stiffness and becoming floppy in the process. For water-based paints you ideally need a synthetic filament brush and one of the best synthetic-filament brushes available on the market right now are The Fox brushes.

These brushes are designed by traditional painters for professional painters, striking a perfect balance between quality and price. You don’t need to be a professional decorator to use these brushes though!

The most distinctive feature of The Fox brushes are their reddish-brown filaments – specially formulated from a poly/nylon blend they are designed to work with modern paints (fully VOC 2010 proof) while still boasting good performance with oil-based products. The synthetic filaments maintain their rigidity even when loaded with paint, allowing for precise and solid cuts – and speaking of paint loading, the long bristles can hold a surprisingly large amount of it!

The Fox range consists of a number of brushes, the Straight Cut brushes are your standard paint brush and are great for laying down smooth, accurate cuts on large surfaces. The Laying Off brushes are designed for laying off, or brushing back over your paint to soften brush marks to give a smooth finish to your paint. The Sash Brushes are designed for painting tall, thin surfaces – like the sashes of windows or door frames, and come in both a regular Round Sash and an Angled Sash, which has the brush head at an angle, allowing it to reach into tight spots. The Fitch Liners are perfect for small detail work and fine lining and finally The Cub is a small, accurate all-round brush that’s useful for corners and edges.

Each of these brushes share the same, specially formulated filaments for optimum performance with water-based paints and come mounted onto unvarnished beechwood handles with stainless steel ferrules.

Every brush in the range is very competitively priced, especially considering if you look after them these brushes will last a long, long time!

Click here to view our range of The Fox brushes!

Check out some testimonials from satisfied customers here –

“This is an excellent brush with a familiar bristle matched with a Kaiser handle. The length of filament is just right for acrylic paints and the unvarnished handle fits comfortably in the hand. Applies paint easily and smoothly, It also cleans up well.”


“The Fox is an awesome brush at a very competitive price. Holds a surprisingly large amount of paint and has great spreading rate and accuracy. Fantastic brushes, you must give these fiery redheads a go.”


“What an amazing brush The Fox is. The uptake of paint seems to be far more than other well-known brands & it almost makes painting effortless. There has obviously been much thought gone into the design of The Fox and everyone involved in the development should take a bow!”


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