Standard Bronze Powders

Bronze powders are not made of bronze but are made of varying mixes of copper and zinc and therefore will tarnish if left unprotected. Bronze powders can be mixed with mediums to form paints or pastes or can be used directly on a tacky, sized surface (either applied with a brush or sprinkled on) in a process called flash gilding. Suggested mediums for standard powders are as follows:

  • Ormoline Paint Medium - Mix in a ratio of 120ml of medium for every 25g of standard bronze powder.
  • Gilt Wax Medium - Mix equal parts of standard bronze powders and medium.
  • Easy Gild Bronze Medium - 10 parts medium to 1 part standard bronze powder.

When mixed with Gilt Wax Medium the finish is non-tarnishing and can be buffed up with a soft cloth.

When used with water-based mediums the resultant product will need to be used within a couple of days as the bronze powders will oxidise in the fluid. 

Bronze Powders will tarnish over time, depending on the medium used. We highly recommend protecting them with a protective topcoat or lacquer to prevent this.