Pearlescent Powder

Pearl-lustre pigments are made from mica flakes, finely coated with titanium and/or iron oxides. The thickness and combination of coatings produces refractions of light to give an appearence similar to oil film on water. They can me mixed with any medium, are non-toxic, environmentally safe and totally lightfast. They are impervious to acids, alkalis, water and temperatures up to 800C and are best used over dark basecoat colours. They give a wide range of effects (from soft satin to sparkling brilliance) over other colours. The brightest shades can be obtained by mixing a tiny amount of black pigment (1:100) with the pearl-lustre pigment. . Duller effects are obtained when they are mixed with opaque colors or matte mediums. They can also be sprinkled directly onto a sized surface.

There are 6 solid colous - Silver, Gold, Glitter, Bronze, Flash and Royal Gold. The remaining colours are translucent and irridescent.