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Contemporary Glass Gilding by Emma Peascod – Gilded Panels for the Restaurant ‘Spring’ of Somerset House

We’ve featured Emma in our blog before and we’re unashamedly fans of her work. Emma has her own artistic flair when it comes to verre eglomise and incorporates a wide variety of influences and techniques into a style that is undoubtedly Emma’s own. This gorgeous piece of is made up of five large glass panels, each one hand gilded by Emma with a mix of layers of 22ct gold, silver leaf, Japanese papers and pigments. The incorporation of traditional Japanese paper or washi is a motif in Emma’s work, lending her pieces depth and texture over traditionally gilded pieces.

Gilded pieces like these fabulous panels make for eye-catching backdrops and features, more-so than traditional painted pieces – the shine of the metal reflects the tone and colour of the room, drawing the eye to it while imparting the space with with the warmth of the gold, leaving it feeling brighter and livelier. This particular piece now stands as a stunning backdrop in the reception area of ‘Spring’ at Somerset House, the new restaurant headed by Skye Gingell, and as you can see it’s a very inviting piece that captivates your attention. To view more of Emma’s work you can visit her website, StudioPeascod.com

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