How To Apply Modern Masters Paint To A Wall Or Ceiling

Modern Masters Metallic Paints are an easy-to-use, cost-effective way of creating a decorative gilded effect on a variety of surfaces, from smaller objects up to and including walls, ceilings and more. Due to it's unique formulation care must be taken while applying to paint to align the the pigment and the particles of mica and metal in order to ensure a smooth uniform finish. This guide will explain how to get the best out of the Metallic Paint system. This short video also details the proper way to apply Modern Masters Metallic Paints to a wall when using a roller.

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Follow standard practices and procedures for properly preparing surfaces for the application of water-based latex paints. Surfaces must be free of dirt, oil and grease. Remove all loose flaking or chalking surfaces. Do not apply over slick or glossy surfaces. Prime the surface with 100% acrylic latex primer and allow to dry completely.


Metal Effects paint can be applied by either brush, spray or roller. Always test the area before fully applying the Metal Effects paint to ensure the finish is acceptable.

Use a high-quality brush and apply in smooth strokes up and down.

To apply with a roller add up to 16oz/473ml Metallic Paint Extender to one gallon/3.78 Litre or 4ozs/118ml to 1 quart/946ml of Metallic Paint.This extends the wet-edge time necessary to avoid lapping. Use Modern Masters Metallic Paint Roller to apply to large surfaces. Use a 4" Sausage Roller with 1/2" nap for cutting in corners, ceilings and baseboards. Work in approximately 4' wide sections. Keep a wet-edge finishing the surface by back rolling in one direction, ceiling to floor. This technique will minimize lap marks, properly orient the metallic particles and ensure a uniform finish. DO NOT apply the paint in the traditional way of using V or W strokes as this will not properly align the metal particles and will result in an uneven, streaky finish with noticable roller marks.

Use HVLP or a conventional cup gun with the fluid and air supply from a pressure pot and compressor. Air pressure at the HVLP spray gun needs to be approx. 45 psi with a greater pressure in the tank. Please Note: DO NOT use turbine-type "air compressors" to power the HVLP spray gun. DO NOT use other types of spray guns (eg airless spray guns).If thinning is necessary add up to 16ozs/473ml of water per gallon/3.78 ltr or 4fl oz/118ml to 1 quart/946ml. Over-thinning will result in loss of hide.

Drying Times

The recoat time is approximately 30 minutes and the drying time is approximately 1 hour, however drying times will vary depending on temperature and humidity.

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