Modern Masters Reactive and Tarnishable Metal Paints

When it comes to choosing an aged metal effect for a do-it-yourself project, high-end decorative finish or large architectural specification, Modern Masters Metal Effects® has you covered! Our focus on modern-day specialty decorative coatings combined with the ancient art of patinization has made Modern Masters the world leader in water base aged metal finishes.

These metallic paints are made from real brass, bronze, copper and iron metals that may tarnish, or deepen in colour over time. These products will react with our Patina Aging Solutions creating real oxidised metal surfaces. They can be used directly onto metal surfaces. This paint system usually requires 3 or 4 component products to create the desired metal effect finish: Primer, Reactive Metallic Paint, Aging Solution and Permacoat Extreme varnish (this is not necessary on the copper and Bronze finishes).  The paints can be sprayed; the maximum ratio for mixing is 473 ml water to 3.78 litres of paint.

For more information on creating decorative finishes using this product click here to view our how-to sections containing a guide to using Modern Masters Metal Effects and a gallery of projects finished with Metal Effects finishes for inspiration.