Gorgeous Interior Gilding At The Old Bakery, Corfu


The Kitchen of The Old BakeryThis fantastic piece of interior gilding comes to us care of Julian and Claire Butler, two talented ex-pats who are currently living in idyllic Corfu, and it shows how a splash of gold can turn an otherwise drab architectural feature into a centrepiece!

This was originally just a concrete pillar in the kitchen of a charming, converted bakery that they have turned into a holiday home  and measures nearly 3m high and over 5m across! As you can imagine it was quite the labour of love gilding it but it was definitely worth it – the pictures hardly do it justice but imagine how it must sparkle in the lush Corfu sun! Or, even better than that, you can see it for yourself by hiring The Old Bakery for a summer break in Corfu, you can find more details here – www.selfcateringcorfu.com

This project was completed in imitation gold which you can buy from us here – Imitation Gold and for more information on getting started with gilding check out our Beginners Guide To Gilding!

Customer Showcase – DKT Artworks

This week we will be focusing on DKT Artworks, an incredibly versatile, well established London based company who offer a myriad of high end finishes within the field of decorative arts.

First founded in 1979 by three arts graduates – Niki Davies, Steve Keeling and Sean Trowbridge, DKT has gone from strength to strength, developing a formidable skill base with a team of around 30 in-house staff with expertise spanning Painting & Sculpture,
Industrial design, Carving, Gilding, Restoration, Trompe L’Oeil, Textiles, Sign-writing, Specialist decoration, Graphics, Stucco, Bas relief, Paint finishes and a host of other Decorative finishes. Whatever the project DKT can offer tremendous flexibility, from working on-site to finishing projects completely in-house and ready for transportation and fitting by other contractors. They work closely with designers, architects and private individuals to ensure smooth running of the project .

DKT boasts a truly impressive worldwide client list and a vast portfolio of completed projects spanning a wide range of venues and disciplines – from painted panels featured on award-winning super-yachts to distressed finishes on the interiors of upmarket London restaurants and bars. Below we have showcased just some of the gilded decorative artwork  that DKT have completed. The pictures below are a very small part of their extensive portfolio.

Gilding and glass gilding are just one of the many decorative disciplines that DKT are masters of, below are even more examples of the work they’ve done using genuine gold and silver leaf.

To view more of DKT’s portfolio or if you need details to get in touch with them then click here to visit their website.