We Are Now The Official UK Distributor for Kölner Gilding Products!

It pleases us to announce that starting this month we are now the exclusive UK distributor for Kölner products! Starting from today we will stock and distribute their range of high-end, German-made gilding products.

Our relationship with Kölner started with a workshop in London last winter. An enthusiastic group of our most talented clients braved the freezing weather to take a class in gilding using the Kölner Instacoll Gilding System. Peter Voshart, one of the owners of Kölner demonstrated this and Kölner’s other innovative gilding products. Under his expert tutelage the class was treated to a demonstration of finishes possible using Kölner’s revolutionary products.

Our clients have years of experience with traditional gilding and products. In spite of this, Peters infections enthusiasm and confidence in his product soon swayed even the most dubious of them. The initial apprehension on how well the product would work vanished as soon as Peter guided them through their first application of the Instacoll Gilding system. After laying leaf onto the Instacoll Base all it took was a buff to create a glossy finish. The brightness and gloss of the gilt finish blew them away, even the biggest naysayers!

Pictured, from left to right: Steve, director of Gold Leaf Supplies and Armin, Claire and Peter from Kölner

We were so impressed by Kölner’s products that we needed to know more. One of the directors of Gold Leaf Supplies, Steve Rees, decided to visit the factory in Germany. The staff of Kölner showed the warmest hospitality and offered Steve a guided tour. After touring the factory Steve saw examples of items gilded using the Instacoll Gilding System. The finishes that trained German gilders have created using Instacoll are breathtaking. The visit convinced Steave that Kölner would be an excellent company to work with. Kolner’s staff and directors were friendly and impeccably professional, and their product excellent. The magnificent range of work on display was all the proof that their range would fit well with our client base and existing products.

Kölner’s range of products for gilding is quite broad, with a product for almost any use, including stone, ceramics and more. Their flagship product is the Instacoll Gilding System. This water-based system creates intense high-gloss gilded finishes on both interior and exterior surfaces. For stonemasons we recommend Kölner Rapid Stone. This product designed for stonemasons and letter cutters looking to gild blasted or carved stone. Another specialist product is Kölner Miniatum. It’s designed for use on flexible surfaces such as paper, leather, and vellum – it’s perfect for illuminating manuscripts. If you are looking to gild, or repair previous gilding, on ceramic items then Kölner’s Ceramic Size is the best product for the job. Finally, Kölner Permacoll is a superb, water-based adhesive size. It’s well-suited for large interior projects, such as gilding walls and ceilings.

All the above products mentioned above and more are available for in our online shop. We stock smaller sizes for enthusiasts and hobbyists alongside larger pack sizes for trade users. Our range of products also includes professional quality gilding tools for any gilder.

Click here to view the Kölner section on our website.

We will be organising further tutorial workshops from Autumn onward. Please watch this space for details or contact our office.

Decorex Exhibition 2015

Decorex International 2015 held at Syon Park London certainly didn’t disappoint this year. In fact, the show seems to get better and better. Full of inspirational British and International design, it was good to meet up with clients and also discover new and exciting products and finishes which will be seen in interior settings in the coming months.

This year there were some fantastic interactive installations on display. We were able to watch De Gournay’s artists as they hand-painted designs onto gilded wallpaper. It was mesmerising to watch such talented craftspeople in action! Alongside the traditional crafts there were examples blending modern technology with timeless techniques. Volta’s painters created stunning ceilings using virtual reality!

The Future Heritage area was particularly inspiring. On display was a showcase of new works by a select group of talented British craftspeople. The beautiful pieces on display are the hottest luxury collectibles in contemporary British design. The pieces truly pushed the boundaries of design and making in ceramic, metal, textiles, wood and plastic. It was a great experience to chat to the artists and discuss their inspirations and processes.

It’s hard to say what were our favourite stands but these are a few that stood out this year…

Decorex-Blog-Rinat-GoldwaterRinat Goldwater

Rinat is a London-based designer specialising in sculptural lighting, fine art sculptures and decorative objects. Rinat places a strong emphasis on the challenging processes of fabrication.


Blackpop takes their inspiration from the rich tapestry of the past. Their designs focus on creating classic and contemporary wallpapers and fabrics. A worthy winner of best new product.


Armourcoat are a leading manufacturer of decorative plaster innovative surface finished and sculptural effects. We loved their centrepiece gilded wall!

Decorex-Blog-Chenbo-ShiChenbo Shi

Chenbo is an up and coming furniture designer from China. His work uses authentic Chinese Materials such as rice paper to create stunning effects.

Decorex-Blog-Todd-KnightTodd Knights

Todd Knights specialise in hand-made and hand-finished finials and curtain poles. This year they introduced their lovely new range of wall lamps.

Decorex-Blog-David-HarberDavid Harber

Their centrepiece this year was entitled Mantle. A verdigris bronze sphere lined internally with 23.5 carat gold leaf to mimic the Earth’s molten core.

Decorex-Blog-Cox-Of-LondonCox of London

Nicola and Chris Cox, both talented sculptors create timeless pieces of furniture and lighting using a variety of interesting materials.


International art consultancy and studios creating bespoke and made to order art. This was Quintessa’s 26th year exhibiting in Decorex and their stand was stunning as always.

Celebrity Doodle Project ‘Elvis’


Last year we featured in our blog the Celebrity Doodle fundraiser for the British Glass Heritage Foundation. Allister Malcolm was inspired by the story  Damien Hirst giving a cabbie a doodle as a tip, which the cabbie then turned around and sold for £12,000, the fundraiser aimed to take doodles from celebrities and glass artists would then turn them into unique glass art. These would then be sold to raise money for charity.

Jonathan-Harris-5Jonathan Harris, a world renowned glass artist and engraver, has recently completed three stunning glass vessels for this fundraiser. Each intricately decorated vessel was handblown and engraved by Jonathan and features designs inspired by Elvis Preseley, his guitars and his famous logo ‘TCB!’ These designs were inspired by celebrity, Mark Hill – co-presenter of BBC2’s ‘Collectaholics’ and his lightning-bolt doodle. The designs were painstaking carved through multiple layers of 24ct gold and sterling silver leaf that we donated to the cause.

The complicated final stages of producing these gorgeous, one-off pieces was done in front of a delighted crowed at the International Festival of Glass in Stourbridge. Jonathan, working together with Allister Malcolm and Dan Ridgway at Allister’s studio, completed the tricky final reheat stages that go into creating these reheated cameo pieces.

These fantastic art pieces are generating a lot of buzz through Jonathan’s own private collectors, Elvis and music fans and glass lovers who are looking for a unique, one-off artwork to add to their collections.

All three pieces will be offered at auction at the Decades of Design Auction on 24th October with all proceeds going to the The British Glass Foundation’s charity. All of the other ‘Celebrity Doodle’ pieces, that also included doodles by other celebrity’s including Beverly Knight, Frankie Valley, Raymond Blanc, & Lenny Henry to name but a few, will be auctioned later in the year to raise funds for the Glass Foundation.

You can find more details on the auction at Fieldings Auctioneers.

Leopardess Climb for Giants Update!

We’re pleased to report that Alexandra Spyratos, a fantastic artist and customer of ours has completed her epic climb to the top of Mount Kenya. Alexandra and the other members of the Leopardess Foundation reached the peak at Pt. Leana, a stunning 4,985 metres above sea level!

This climb has raised thousands of dollars in donations, with every last bit of money raised going towards preserving the environment and the elephants of Kenya. You can still donate to their campaign at – www.crowdrise.com/LeopardessClimbforGiants

Gilded Globe – Larvik, Norway

We supplied all the gold leaf used to gild this impressive multi-faceted globe which is now suspended in the Thor Heyerdahl Institute in Larvik, Norway. Thor Heyerdahl is a famous explorer and writer who led the Kon-Tiki expedition in 1947, a journey by raft across the Pacific Ocean from South America to the Polynesian Islands. The Institute was set up to reflect his visions.

The Globe is described as a spherical LED “globe” and visualisation platform for live global information connected to climate change and migration.

Each sphere is gilded with a variety of colours of gold leaf including 23.5 ct., 22 ct. Moon Gold, 23 ct. Red Gold, 23 ct. Russian Gold, 20 ct. Citron Gold, 16 ct. and 12 ct. White Gold. The combination of colours adds to the effect of glistening light and shade and the effect is something to behold.

The project was the brainchild of Lise Autogena and Josh Portway from autogena projects, both renowned artists based in the UK. 

Gareth Evans, owner of Watergilders and an experienced gilder, went out to Norway with Autogena Projects to lend a hand and consult with the gilding side of the project.

Save The Elephants, Donate to Climb For Giants

Every single day poachers slaughter a hundred African elephants for their ivory. To raise awareness of this senseless killing our client, Alexandra Spyratos, will climb Mt. Kenya on the 5th September.

To sponsor her climb please click on the CrowdRise page – https://www.crowdrise.com/LeopardessClimbforGiants

Every donation will go towards helping elephants. The money raised will go towards spreading awareness of their plight and protecting them from poaching.


Space For Giants is a Kenyan based international conservation charity. Their aim is to secure a future for large mammals in the wild, in particular elephants. They focus on prevention of poaching, securing space, managing human/wildlife conflict and training conservationists. In doing so they aim to sustain populations of large mammals.



Your donations will help support rangers on the ground to protect elephants from poachers:-

  • £10 could cover vital communication costs for one community wildlife scout for one month
  • £20 could support a wildlife ranger for a week to protect elephants in Northern Kenya
  • £50 could provide a pack that could save a wildlife ranger injured on duty.
  • £75 could support training of law enforcement officer increasing chance of successful prosecutions.
  • £100 could secure one acre of a 60,000 acre elephant sanctuary in Northern Kenya.

Tusker Blue Sky


Customer Showcase – DKT Artworks and Eoin Turner Glass at The London Yacht, Jet & Prestige Car Show

In case you missed it, last April London was host to The London Yacht, Jet & Prestige Car Show – the premier showcase of luxury travel, living and the finer things in life. Showing at the exhibition hall this year was DKT Artworks and Eoin Turner Glass, both long-time and valued customers of ours and ones who we’ve featured before in this blog!

DKT Artworks are specialists when it comes to high-end interior decorative effects and with their team of talented artists, designers and craftspeople they can manage a project from design, to production and right the way through to installation. Their work has been a feature of quite a few luxury yachts over the years, plenty of top-of-the-line yachts now feature bespoke artworks created by DKT Artworks! Click here to see the list of ships DKT Artworks have worked on!

While this showcase has largely been about DKT’s marine work there’s much more to them, check out their site here to find out more about the vast range of decorative effects DKT Artwork’s artisans are capable of as well as pictures of their completed work a list of prestigious clients.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Eoin Turner’s exquisite glass artwork then you can visit his site here.

‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’


For months this thought-provoking memorial to the tragedy and heroism of the fallen soldiers of World War 1, ‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’, has been making headlines. The large-scale installation consists of thousands of individually hand-made ceramic poppies that have then been planted in the Tower of London, each one representing the ultimate sacrifice made by a member of the British armed services during World War One. The memorial has grown to encircle the Tower of London, filling the moat in a poignant sea of blood red, evoking the tragedy of the war.

This project has been the brainchild of Paul Cummins who we’ve had the pleasure with of working with in the past. Taking inspiration from a line in the will of a Derby native who went off to fight in the Great War only to tragically lose his life in Flanders. He wrote: ‘The Blood Swept lands and seas of red, where angels fear to tread.’, a line that serves as a tragic reminder of the horrors those who have given and continue to give their all for their country have suffered.

Each of 888,426 poppies have now been sold with the proceeds of each sale going towards charities supporting brave men and women who have served, or are currently serving, the country. The final poppy will be planted in a ceremony on Armistice Day, November 11th.

All poppies have now been sold but if you have a loved one who has served or is currently serving in the British Armed Forces or if you simply wish to make a donation you can leave a dedication on the Tower of London Remembers website here: https://poppies.hrp.org.uk/make-a-dedication

Spook Things Up For Halloween With This Ghoulish Glow In A Can!


This halloween make your pumpkins and other spooky bits and bobs glow in the dark with Rustoleum Glow In The Dark Spray Paint!

This easy to apply spray paint goes on a variety of substrates and is quick drying and easy to apply. When charged in light the glow in the dark paint can continue to let off it’s spooky glow for up to 4 – 8 hours and is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

Check it out here in our store!glow-in-the-dark-300x450


Decorex 2014 – Another Inspiring Interiors Exhibition!

Decorex International is a renowned event for discovering the very best in luxury design – the exhibitors at Decorex are the trendsetters when it comes to contemporary British design and our yearly visits with Elaine from DKT Artworks are a pilgrimage to this pinnacle of design excellence.

Always good to meet with old friends and discover new. We are complete magpies for all that is gold and silver but it was also good to see some of the other interesting work and designs in the marketplace, using a variety of different mediums.

This year, Decorex has sponsored various artists for live demonstrations of their craft and skills and it added a real artisan feel to this high end design Exhibition.

Below are just some of our clients who were exhibiting at Decorex this year. Click on their pictures to visit their websites to see more of their work!