Restoration of the Savile Club

Founded in 1868 by bright young things who were bored with London’s stuffy clubs, the Savile Club still attracts a lively and creative membership. It moved to its present home in 1927 where the extravagant interiors had been commissioned by JP Morgan’s sister in 1890 and were probably created in Paris and brought to Mayfair. Much of the decoration was simplified and the gilding painted over as was the fashion after the Great War.  Through the foundation of a trust, the Club has been able to embark on a programme of research and restoration over the past few years.

In order to restore the gilding to it’s original state the trust undertook the majority of their work themselves bringing in Historic Interiors Ltd. to work on the specialist water-gilding in the dining room. Under the direction of Edek Sypion the club’s own team worked to refurbish the ballroom, the grand staircase and the bar.

Customer Showcase – DKT Artworks

This week we will be focusing on DKT Artworks, an incredibly versatile, well established London based company who offer a myriad of high end finishes within the field of decorative arts.

First founded in 1979 by three arts graduates – Niki Davies, Steve Keeling and Sean Trowbridge, DKT has gone from strength to strength, developing a formidable skill base with a team of around 30 in-house staff with expertise spanning Painting & Sculpture,
Industrial design, Carving, Gilding, Restoration, Trompe L’Oeil, Textiles, Sign-writing, Specialist decoration, Graphics, Stucco, Bas relief, Paint finishes and a host of other Decorative finishes. Whatever the project DKT can offer tremendous flexibility, from working on-site to finishing projects completely in-house and ready for transportation and fitting by other contractors. They work closely with designers, architects and private individuals to ensure smooth running of the project .

DKT boasts a truly impressive worldwide client list and a vast portfolio of completed projects spanning a wide range of venues and disciplines – from painted panels featured on award-winning super-yachts to distressed finishes on the interiors of upmarket London restaurants and bars. Below we have showcased just some of the gilded decorative artwork  that DKT have completed. The pictures below are a very small part of their extensive portfolio.

Gilding and glass gilding are just one of the many decorative disciplines that DKT are masters of, below are even more examples of the work they’ve done using genuine gold and silver leaf.

To view more of DKT’s portfolio or if you need details to get in touch with them then click here to visit their website.

Frances Federer Is Exhibiting at PURE London This Weekend

This weekend marks the start of Pure London’s February show, the definitive fashion trade show for ready-to-wear womenswear and accessories. Exhibiting there this year will be Frances Federer, one of the most experienced and knowledgeable glass gilders around.

Frances is the author of Gold Leaf, Paint and Glass and it’s companion DVD, The Mirror Project. This pioneering book is the first publication in English to devote itself to the methods, techniques and history of reverse painting and gilding on glass, often known as verre églomisé. The publication is written for students, artists, collectors, conservators, curators, interested amateurs, teachers and designers, many of whom will have been patiently waiting to learn more on this topic and is the culmination of Frances’ long experience. We have created glass gilding kits here at Gold Leaf Supplies which contain all the products required to embark on the projects within Frances’  book.

Although previously better known for her large glass gilded installations, Frances has recently branched out into jewellery, creating a range of rings, pendants, cuff links and other items incorporating hand-engraved glass gilded images set in silver. Each one is a tiny, intimate showcase of France’s artistic skill and soul.

These pieces, along with some new work will be available to view at Pure London at stand Q107.

The Art of Bathing – Grace of London

Art meets design with the elegant baths created by Grace of London. Each one can truly be called ‘bespoke’ as they are painstakingly finished with hand-painted, hand-cut pieces of glass that have been gilded in either 12ct, 18ct and 24ct white and yellow gold, silver or platinum, encrusted in sparkling Swarovski crystals and then each piece is coated in  a protective resin ensuring a flawless finish.

The finish on this particular bath, “The Mayfair”, was created using over 15,000 handcrafted pieces of glass gilded with 24ct gold and then furnished with a trellis of jet and golden shadow Swarovski crystals. It’s a true work of art!

Grace of London specialise in the design and manufacture of unique pieces of furniture like this and their expertise with mosaic and gold leaf designs is unquestionable. Their team boasts no less than two Royal Warrant holders amongst a host of other truly talented craftsmen and a design team with decades of experience between them, headed by founder and an award-winning craftsman in his own right, Robert James Grace.

Every piece they create is a signature piece, an extension and reflection of the client it was made for. Working together with designers or architects every detail from the colour to the design of the pieces can be specified to create truly one-of-a-kind bespoke masterpieces, transforming beautiful rooms into spectacular spaces!





Can You Imagine A Cooler Set Of Wheels?

This bike mixes low key functional looks with ostentatious flair to create a truly head-turning piece of work that serves as a fantastic showcase for the hard work of the team at Untitled Motorcycles. Deep under the arches, behind the canal, within spitting distance of the markets and the MTV studios in Camden Town resides the home of Untitled Motorcycles, where Adam, Rex & Anita chop, grind, weld, rivet and wrestle old school bikes into retro-modern classic street rides.

This bike was originally put together by the team for the Bike Shed event last May who have elevated this once humble R80/7 to a masterpiece on wheels. The gold leaf finish was done by Adam himself; taking inspiration from picture frames and Chinese art he laid the 23.5ct leaf over a red undercoat – a common technique to enhance the colour of leaf, in a few places the undercoat shows through evoking the effect of weathering on ancient Chinese statues.

This bike is now Adam’s everyday ride and it’s fair to see now that he’s on a bike you simply can’t miss. This bike is a testament to the craft and quality of Untitled Motorcycles street customs, if you’re interested in riding one of your own then get in touch with them through their website. If this article has inspired you to try using gold leaf in your own projects then just remember this: this project was Adam’s first time gilding and he learned as he went along and as you can see for yourself the results are stunning. If you’ve got your own project that you’d like to add some flair to then we have a range of kits available on our website to help get you started!

Wood Finishing With Gold Leaf Supplies

Alongside our gold leaf and gilding supplies we also offer a large range of products for all sorts of decorating jobs, both interior and exterior but today we’re going to focus on wood and furniture finishing, particularly General Finishes Gel Stains, a product recently introduced to our online shop.

Gel Stains are perfect for finishing difficult woods such as aspen or pine or for up-cycling old or reclaimed furniture. It’s formulation of pigments, oils and urethanes combine to produce a heavy-bodied gel that dries to a durable and lustrous “hand-rubbed” finish. It comes in a variety of colours that can be freely intermixed to create the perfect shade for your project.

Using Gel Stains to create a gorgeous finish couldn’t be easier, as this guide demonstrates, and our online store has practically everything you need to get started on your first project with them.

As an example to get your creative juices flowing check out this tabletop finished by Luke Black Ltd, fine furniture finishers and restorers.

Luke Black and his team are experts when it comes to creating gorgeous finishes on furniture, solid wood floors and internal and external joinery, ranging from the classic to the contemporary. They’ve worked with some of the best designers and clients in the world to create fantastic, high-class finishes tailored to suit their clients needs. Alongside traditional wooden finishes they also specialise in gilded and glass gilded work, check out pictures underneath for some stunning examples of their work.

While enhancing and highlighting the grain and colour of wood is one way to finish it, another way is to transform it into something else entirely! With Liquid Metals Acrylics you can transform a plain wooden carving into a shimmering golden-looking one – it’s just like alchemy! Liquid Metal Acrylics takes particularly well to wood and can be brushed, rollered or sprayed and is available in a wide palette of metallic shades.

The picture frames above were finished by Claire Lewis. Clare is a gilder and restorer with over twenty years of experience working with antiques and also working alongside architects and interior designers. She’s done some fabulous work which you can see on her site – when she says she’s willing to gild anything she means it!

It’s A New Year and A Time For New Beginnings – Introducing our new Blog and Twitter

Happy New Year to all! With this being the time of fresh starts and new beginnings we’re pleased to welcome our new blog AND our new Twitter, @GoldLeafSupply!

Our blog has been a long time in the making but now, it’s finally here! From this point forward this blog aims to provide you with all sorts of information about the world of gilding and decorative finishes – from advising of any updates on products to news on new products lines in our store, showcases of the wonderful work our customers create and all manner of other interesting bits and bobs.

As we speak glass gilding (or verre églomisé) is enjoying a renaissance and our talented clients are forever pushing the boundaries to create some of the most beautiful and really incredible finishes using many different colours of gold and silver leaf. We have many examples of the sort of work our clients produce using our products at our Client Gallery but for today we’re showcasing two talented customers and their recent work:

The beautiful golden splashback created by Emma Peascod (@emmapeascod) showcases the quality of her glass gilded pieces, the gold leaf shines like a mirror and bathes the kitchen in a reflected golden glow. The green ‘shagreen’ finish is typical of her innovative style combining traditional glass gilding techniques with classical Japanese ones learned in her time abroad there.

The three gorgeous glass gilded panels below were created by Gareth Evans and his team of talented artisans at (@watergilders) – they’re masters of pushing the boundaries of just what can be done with traditional materials when it comes to verre eglomise. It’s easy to see why these cutting edge pieces are being snapped up by designers!

So we begin to start 2014 in earnest we do so with a feeling of optimism – our clients are reporting a feeling of confidence out there in the marketplace and, as ever, they keep surprising us with the beautiful things they create! So let’s start as we mean to go on and keep making nice, bright, shiny things!