Edible Gold & Silver Leaf

Gold and Silver leaf has been used for centuries, not only for decoration of fine art objects but also for the decoration of food.

Our range of Edible Gold & Silver products are designed specifically for the decoration of food and beverages and allow you to transfer to your table all the magic of these precious materials, bringing an ancient Renaissance tradition back to life.

Suitable for the decoration of Wedding Cakes, Chocolates, Fruit, Marzipan, Champagne cocktails , Indian cuisine – your imagination is the only limitation! To stimulate your imagination then look at our How-To section for fabulous uses for gold and silver leaf other people have come up with! 23 ct Edible leaf is manufactured with extreme care and controls and adheres to the FDA guidelines of edibility. Edible leaf has no taste or smell but has a very luxurious appearance.

All of the products have safety certification, are Halal and Kosher

It is important when purchasing any edible Gold or Silver leaf that the product adheres to safety controls. All of our products comply with US and EU safety standards. Each item bears the manufacturers name, address and the lot number of the product.

Edible Gold and Silver are classified as Natural Food Additives. Gold being classified as E175 and Silver as E174

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