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A Big ‘Well Done!’ To Suzanne Crook For Her Beautiful Gilded Unicorns Being Featured On The Recent Channel 4 Series of “The Auction House”

We’re always pleased to see one of the artists that we supply getting the wider recognition their outstanding work deserves, and so were were very pleasantly surprised to see Suzanne Crook’s gorgeous unicorns on The Auction House!

Willowmead and Nettawand are partners, alike in their confident nature and their desire to be seen and admired.

Suzanne is a vivacious artist whose art is full of energy and warmth, colours and meaning – drawing on a number of inspirations including the land- and sea-scapes of Cornwall where she lives and works. There’s a playful side to her art and a love of the mythical and fantastical which is personified in her magical gilded unicorns. Each hand-carved wooden unicorn has been finished with a number of techniques – including painting and gilding with gold leaf – to make something that is far more than just a piece of art: each one is imbued with it’s own soul, given name and personality by Suzanne. These unicorns are just the start though, Suzanne has more unicorns waiting in the wings to be given their own magical, artistic transformation!

Suzanne’s unicorns were recently featured many times on some of this seasons episodes of the Channel 4 TV series “The Auction House”. The Auction House is a show centred around a behind-the-scenes look at the comings and goings of the Lots Road Auction House in London and it’s eccentric staff and the wheelers-and-dealers and super-rich customers who buy from there.

Sanfalilla and Sanferer are mother and child – Sanfalilla, the child, is precocious and playful while Sanferer, the mother, offers her the confidence to go and play.

“My art has brought me much joy and happiness. It fulfils a great need in me to be creative, to play and enjoy the wonders of the world around me. I appreciate the waves of the sea, laying in flower filled meadows and enjoying my being. Art gives me peace and stillness, fun, joy and happiness.”

Suzanne’s work is varied and below are some examples from her collections, including her Erotic Collection, Flower Collection and Turkish Collection.


If you would like to view more of Suzanne’s work or to contact her then visit her gallery – The Art of Happiness Gallery