Gilding Size

An essential part of the gilding process, gilding size is the adhesive that glues the gold, silver or other metal leaf to the surface you wish to gild.

Gilding size is available in either oil-based or water-based forms, both have their advantages and uses so be sure to buy the right one for your project! As a rule of thumb any exterior gilding MUST be done using oil-based size, whereas you have the option of using water-based or oil-based sizes on interior gilding. Water-based sizes remain open near indefinitely and are useful for large projects, such as walls or ceilings.

In addition to the gilding sizes we also stock the Instacoll System. While not a size in the traditional sense, this waterbased product is used to adhere gold and other metal leaf to a surface, although the process of gilding using Instacoll is different than using traditional size.