Edible Silver Flake & Dust

Add some sparkly silver to your dishes and let your dinner table shine! A little goes a long way and adds a real decadent sparkle to your dish. Silver looks particularly good against dark colours, think chocolate or mulled wine.

Edible Silver is available as dust or flake. The dust has the same particle size as coarse ground pepper. The Silver flake is larger in particle size than the dust and is around the same size as dried herbs.

The flake is also available in beautifully packaged acrylic containers. For larger quantities the products are available in glass jars and can either be sprinkled using aluminium shakers, alternatively they can be added to your product directly from the jar. Gold and Silver dust can be manufactured in air-brush quality. For further information, please contact our office or email with your enquiry.

For industrial uses we can supply silver dust and flake to order in 5g jars. Please contact our office for pricing and availability.