Edible Gold Flake & Dust

Dress up your food with Edible Gold sprinkles! As easy as sprinkling sugar but with far more glamorous results! A little goes a long way and adds a real decadent sparkle to dishes. Simply sprinkle onto chocolate, or into champagne and transform your dinner party into a glittering event.

Edible Gold E175 is available as 23ct gold dust or flake. The dust has the same particle size as fine sand. The Gold flake is larger in particle size than the dust and is slightly larger than coarse black ground pepper (particle size approximately 2mm)

The cube shakers are available in beautifully packaged acrylic containers. For restaurants, caterers or anyone who wishes to purchase 1g and above, the products are available in glass jars and can either be sprinkled using aluminium shakers, or they can be added to your product directly from the jar.

Gold dust and flake are available in 5g, 10g and 20g sizes with larger sizes available on request. Please contact our office for prices and information if you are interested in purchasing edible Gold in large quantities.

Gold and Silver dust can be manufactured in air-brush quality for use on confectionery. For a quotation please send us your enquiry indicating quantities.