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Improved Gold Body - 60ml

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Improved Gold Body - 60ml

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Improved Gold Body - 60ml Ref: 7543/60

Improved Gold Body or Raising Preparation is used to raise surfaces where an embossed design is required. After gilding it can be burnished.

Improved Gold Body should only be stirred if left for long periods of time; care should be taken to avoid creating air bubbles, as this will leave tiny pinholes when it dries. If the mixture is a little stiff a small amount of water can be added to thin it.

Apply the Gold Body with a soft artist's brush and leave to dry. Before applying the gold leaf breathe on the gold body to make the gum tacky again and then press the gold leaf onto the gold body with a soft brush or cotton wool.

The gold design should be left for at least 24 hours before burnishing, and this should be done through a thin transparent non-stick paper such as glassine. It may be directly burnished when the gold body has hardened fully.

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