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Valentine Ideas


A Heart of Gold!
When using gold there's no need to be gaudy, the small amount of gold leaf uses on the choclates here is enough to catch the eye, as well as offsetting the limited amount of color within the chocolate. Sometimes less is more! Chocolates Decorated With Gold Petals

Close-up of a Heart of Gold
A close up of the gilded area from the chocolate above, showing the gorgeous mottled effect you can create with just a little irregularly torn gold leaf. A close up on chocolate that has been gilded with edible gold

A Lucious Toast

...or lavishly, a touch of gold will ALWAYS impress.

Cocktails garnished with gold leaf

An Argent Toast
A decadent sparkle for that romantic drink during the evening. Cocktails garnished with silver leaf

Heart-Shaped Biscuits

Give your loved one a confectionary as sweet as your love, garnished with a metal that shines almost as brightly as they do

Heart-shaped biscuits, coated in chocolate that has been dusted with flakes of real silver

Golden Heart-Shaped Baskets

Don't limit yourself to just draping gold over your food, this passionate dessert is served in heart-shaped bowls covered in crumpled metal leaf for an indulgent extravagance that will surely never be forgotten. 

Heart-shaped bowels with mixed fruit, formed from crushed metal leaf.

Gleaming Chocolate Heart-Shaped Cake

Combine two traditional Valentines staples, chocolate and gold, and you get this mouthwatering confection, proving once again that the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts.

A chocolate gake garnished with edible gold leaf