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Edible Gold Leaf Booklets

Wrap your gourmet Chocolates in delicate, feather light leaves of genuine gold for a warm glittering glow. Booklets containing Edible Gold leaf (E175) are interleaved with tissue paper. The booklets are available as Loose leaf or transfer leaf. The loose leaf sits loosely on top of the paper in the booklet, enabling you to slide it onto the required area of food. Alternatively, if you use transfer leaf where the leaf is lightly pressed to a backing sheet of tissue you can press or roll the food product onto the leaf or press the leaf onto the food. Transfer leaf is usually used for smoother,firm surfaces. The leaf is incredibly thin and will adhere to any moist surface and take up the texture of the food beneath. Chocolate has it’s own moisture but if it is dry then mix a little sugar and water together and paint onto the surface before applying the leaf.
Edible gold leaf is not to be confused with gold leaf used to decorate objects d'art. The Edible leaf has been manufactured specifically for the food industry. It adheres to strict safety standards and we can supply safety certification on request. All of the products have safety certification, are Halal and Kosher. It is important when purchasing any edible Gold or Silver leaf that the product adheres to safety controls. All of our products comply with US and EU safety standards.
Edible Leaf
Edible 23ct Gold Leaf is available in different forms, known as food colouring agent E175, as designated by the European Commission (EC). Edible Silver Leaf is known as E174. Both are designated as limited additives for chocolates. Edible gold leaf Flakes and Dusts are also offered in certain countries with specific exemptions for use in sparkling wines, liquors and other alcoholic beverages.

23ct Edible Gold leaf and Edible Silver leaf are manufactured with extreme care and controls. Edible leaf has no taste or smell but has a very luxurious appearance. All of the products hold safety certification and are Halal and Kosher. Certification is available on request. All of our products comply with EU safety standards. Each item bears the manufacturers name, address and the lot number of the product. 

We recommend that interested parties refer to individual countries’ particular legislation regarding the use of these products where they will be offered